Leaflet | Portraits and structure by Mike Burr


Details about pictures


Images are propaganda .. images are a deceit that verify some truth: physical, idealogical, chromatic, structural ..

these images and contain all of these entities [oil in glazes often with tempera on gold leaf]

painting horses brought UK artist Mike Burr commercial success, various art awards, and a feature in the Times newspaper among others, relating to that success

and with it a concomitant knowledge that commercialism limits the artist

the same flawless technique but a change of direction and what initially starts as an outline in structural design mutates

colour, style and thematic content dominate the underlying structure

until two dimensions are insufficient to hold the image .. [tempera on carved hardwood ] more than 100 other images may be found on mikeburr.co.uk link to the portraits accessed by clicking on the blue print entitled Portraits and structure top lhs of web page.