In this anti music hero Mike Burr encrypts Brants bank account Visa pin number and inside leg measurement finally multiplying them all together to get zero .. coincidentally the total worth of Mike Burr. Either way its another mega production from the hit factory .. play it to deaf relatives n...

Lyons suite is dedicated to poetry of Brant Lyon the famed and probably defamed author .. yes its the antimusical genius of Mike Burr made in his short pathetic little life other artifacts of questionable sanity may be found on Mike Burr - the almost ultimate web site Revel in his other questionable creations !!.

Mike Burr pays homage ..

I first met Brant Lyon in Boston .. and last saw him in New York some sixty years ago yet oddly he hasnt aged a bit whilst ive become more and more wizened [or do I mean wizard ?] Either way i did indeed ask for various hitherto secrets of the Lyon which i can now revel in revealing to you , avid listener. in musical notation ... ive put them on in name sequence not necessarily playing order. [all the tracks are mp3 - where they are over a Meg there will be found a note aside of the link]
here they are below: ....

Track 01 - antimusic flute to die 4 bomb at station X - describes a terrorist attack in unmusical form ***recording 4.4 megs

It contains my recollections of the old Paddington station when it was populated by steam engines and their whistles transmute into the sound of swallows .. it may surprise you to know that that is indeed what the weird whistling detuned flute noises are. This proceeds to a faster section .. the "i know who you're with" representing recognition by the security personnel a subsequent chase and finally the after the descending chords a long slow descending note and a the sound of clockwork ! the bomb then explodes in slow motion and is followed by a dirge representing the sadness of a lot of dead people. [In the suite this should be followed by the "land of Rowena" on the antimusic page]
Track 02 - this and the following track are variations on the same theme and encrypt Brants telephone number, approximate age to the nearest millennia, and a concise list of his criminal misdeeds during the 'Boston era'. its got fur its so real recording 3.5 megs

Track 03 - this should properly start the suite except the track below does ..ha ha .. where maths and antiphony play their sad but woefully short duet recording 1.3 megs

Track 04 - this should properly start the suite and does .. lots of gongs but not enough crows ! recording 3.7 megs

Track 05 - entitled 'the land of rowena' on the mp3 - more gongs and bells .. in fact it must be hell living in this particular Buddhist sanctuary a piece with awesome bells recording 3.1 megs

all copyright - mike burr


Details from England .. please do not contact to hesitate me should you have any musical suggestions .. in fact send all your queries to Brant Lyon .. if you can find him ...

Mike Burr

Theory and notes Lots of Gongs, Crows and the sound of screaming torture and shooting .. Image of Mike Burr painted by the artist

showing his unique six stave vertical method of composition