In this anti music hero Mike Burr relates Thucydides lost epic saga "The Life of Naglon" I would have encrypted Thucydides bank details in but mislaid them on the tube so ive had to make some of the music up on my own rather than rely on Erninette to do her mathematical wizardry. Erninette is my computer by the way and has a lovely touchy feely keyboard.

This suite a meditative classic just for you dear listener .. its full of the quiet poetry of the fishwife in an unspoilt Glaswegian bay sprinkled with a dash of dockland aroma and the granite of tough under-lying chords ok so im under lying and its got lots of gongs and crows in it just like the other stuff

Mike Burr pays homage ..

I first met Thucydides in Ancient Grease [thats the one with Old John Travolta in it] .. and when i asked him if he'd like to do a play together he lifted up his Greek kilt under which was festering. Erninette was quite disgusted by his filthy Aegean ways. He was however a brilliant writer and as such i feel that of all the great musicians of the last 2000 years it is only right and proper that i should have the honour of portraying his great bardic enterprise in the form of this long song which is of course without words and not a song at all since the epic itself is dissolved by the rheum and spittle of ancient time and so using fragments of hearsay and a lot of magic i have recreated "The life of Naglon" - originally by Thucydides but now by ME Mike Burr hu ha .. [all the tracks are mp3 - where they are over a Meg there will be found a note aside of the link]
here they are below: ....

Track 01 - gospel flute redolent of the reggae years here in M.O.England i dont think i quite finished it as the cellos get cut off at the end ! music to leap through your kitchen to ***recording 1.2 megs

Track 02 - climb into the kitchen sing and take a bath to this little number its full of bubbles .. Naglon takes on Baal recording 3.4 megs
in a modern day 'battle of the prophets' [Mohamed Al Fayed wrestles Ayatollah Khomeini perhaps]
Track 03 - i think this is where the rock struck me a sharp blow on the head cos this sounds quite NORMAL to me it features quite a lot of dinky forest creatures scampering about among a few bears and is quite frankly un antimusical and i hope i haven't finished it !!!! secret forest plaice - flatfish , bunnys and bears recording 1.3 megs

Track 04 - The Birth of Naglon ...any track that begins with crows signals a real return to form it also has a squeaky violin bit representing Naglon crying which his mum placates into her own chord how this should properly start the suite and does .. over 200,000 crows said they preferred it ! recording 2 megs

Track 05 - Xylophobia - the title track is far too NORMAL so i think im going to make another suite dishonouring some other great name from history
i had a lot of fun making all the antimusic but my muse seems to have deserted me .. but one day ... Ill be back with my gongs crows and wobble flutes until that day thanks ! id like to thank my mum and dad for being so far away, my agent for not existing, my deaf geekfriend Erninette simply the best [small] computer ever ...blah blah all copyright - mike burr


If you suffer from fear of wood [xylophobia] then perhaps you should consider starting a web based "help group" as there are sure to be other sufferers out there too ! Do not send a list of your phobias to

Mike Burr

Theory and notes Less Gongs, but more squeeky vile-lins and the obligatory Crows its not quite finished and in truth im struggling to find the lost discord.. in fact i know im going soft as the next grate musicalia is relatively normal and largely a series of relatively piano sketches .. MIKES AFRICAN SYMPHONY .. see "mike burr goes all normal" [hopefully temporarily] Image of Mike Burr painted by the artist

showing his unique six stave vertical method of composition