Is this the beast or the best of Mike Burr either way its a collection of his greatest electronic hits of the naughties - a story line is attached to distract the unwary or deaf.

Electrik is one of the many Xmas Albums Mike Burr made in his short pathetic little life other artefacts of questionable sanity may be found on Mike Burr - the almost ultimate web site Revel in his other questionable creations !!.

The Best of Mike Burr gets Electrik [vols 1 and 2]

Compilated largely in 2002, this last grate team of musickal horses has been
harnessed into an eclectic, yoked set 4 your approval - the best of vols 1 and 2
some of which have never ploughed the air b4 and you'll probably understand y soon
[all the tracks are mp3 - where they are over a Meg there will be found a note aside of the link]
here they are below: ....

Track 01 -mike always prefers more or less the same introduction track regardless of taste,
in which the musickal wizard details the profundity of rich sources and sounds in the following grate werks
certainly a track favoured by nerdus musickalicons
01 sonic intro with disclaimer

Track 02 - mike goes on a bear hunt near Linslade woods .. does this mean he's nude - uh owh ...
a fine and fortuitously short introduction to what mike is all about {HIGHLY RECOMMENDED}
02 bear hunt

Track 03 - mike gets lost and discovers musick hidden deep in Linslade forest ...
[you will note that the part of mike [posthumously] is being played by the fey-moose American actor Charlton Chestwig]
03 how i discovered musick recording 1 Meg

Track 04 - musick takes mike prisoner, or do i mean poisoner or pensioner ..
either way he gets transformed by the witches of musick woods from whatever you think he is into a bird - a pigeon ...
04 transmutation of being to bird

Track 05 - the rest of mikes friends are still out on the bear hunt blasting at anything that moves
its a close thing as a bullet just misses mike killing a small Paschunight, he flits off on his new found wings
mike is ably assisted and indebted to the wonderful cello deep voice of the el grandee,
Roberto Feeshare Del Bracht-Forde [made available by kind permission of Tring Reservoir]
who seems to be impersonating Thora Hird on this recording ..
05 away on the wings of the doves recording 3 Megs

Track 06 - mike finds out that you need to be trained to BS747 before attempting to fly like a dove
and plummets to the ground badly bending his new beak and seriously damaging his undercarriage
06 being a bird crash landing

Track 07 - a flea falls out of mike and as he lies there dying from the terrible consequences of the impact
he decides to tell mike his flea life story including the secret of Fle Treasure
07 the brief life of the flea recording 3.6 Megs

Track 08 - mike is seen burying the dead flea by a wicked fairy who has an inkling of the famed Fle Treasure
She turns herself into a small cottage in the woods and casts a spell on a Nightjar turning it into a guitar'
a guitar which plays itself and talks, the wicked fairy conceals herself as a brick in the cottage wall.
On a table is a cup of bird cocoa laced with whiskey, botulism and worm powder and having foolishly dipped his
bent beak into it and drunk a bit mike blabs of the whereabouts of Fle Treasure to what he thinks is an innocent guitar ....
08 fairy music from the perspective of a brick

Track 09 - the house disappears and the guitar is turned back to a Nightjar but to his horror mike now finds himself
turning into a worm - it was the worm powder laced cocoa.. and the Nightjar is looking at him like hes food
mike tries to burrow into the ground and he and the bird struggle against one another. Finally mike snaps in half
and one half of his worm self burrows into the forest floor - but as mike snaps the Nightjar's head
[with the other half in his bill] whacks back against a low branch, sending the bird a bit loopy.
mike uses his knowledge of mechanics, his new found worm flexibility, and some primitive bits of
twig to perform intricate woodland surgery and effectively lobotomise the bird which is then strangely grateful
09 repairing the mechanics of a mad bird

Track 10 - the Nightjar flies off with mike's mechanical half in his bill - off over wolf woods
mike fears the worst - a baby Nightjar worm-fest ...
10 flight over the wolf woods being a Nightjar

Track 11 - after some rather peculiar dialogue the Nightjar bills whats left of mike to the gnomes
some of whom have escaped from being concreted into garden ponds and are celebrating Gnome Freedom Week
mike is lucky enough to turn up just as they are starting and not quite as sozzled as they might otherwise be
- an unsightly and dangerous thing in a gnome if you ask me - !!!
11 the gnome rave with squeaky toys recording 3 Megs

Track 12 - the gnomes decide that mike's mechanical ability could be evilly useful, though they don't tell him that,
and although you may already have noticed - they turn him into a small imp like themselves
only a bit weedier so they can bash him if he causes any real trouble - you see Art mirrors Life !!!
mike gets drunk on gnome brew, wanders off, and falls into a pond !!! where he has his palm tickled by a passing fish
who also warns him not to stand between the two beaches .. which mike assumes have some un-elfy sand
12 falling drunk into a pond

Track 13 - the gnomes pull mike from the pond and indulge in a lot of party talk - none of which
mike understands because he was a man then a worm then a bird and hasn't had a clue about the lingo
of any of them - actually what the gnomes are asking him is would he like to meet Beethoven
and mike has unwittingly agreed
13 party talk

Track 14 - mike finds himself about to be fired from a very large piece of knicker elastic stretched
between two large beech trees [see that fish couldn't spell proper and assumed the portent was a beach ]
the gnomes tell him that if it looks as though he is going to hit the big tree in front of him [points]
he must forget about fear and wish himself in Das Nutten Ospitalen in Vienna and he will be there
and not splatted all over the tree he is being fired at - a tough ask - and they point to a lot of
indentations in its trunk and some wooden tombwoods
14 landing in beethovens ear trumpet

Track 15 - as you will have gathered mike wished - avoided the large tree and landed directly in a trumpet
which Beethoven is holding conveniently close to his head. mike wizzes round and down through Beethoven's ear
and into Beethoven's brain - where he is treated to a very special musickal brain evening -
Beethoven's musikal vision of the future
15 the ancient musik lectures recording 2 Megs

Track 16 - after some dialogue Beethoven gets an itchy ear which reminds him of his childhood
he always thought he was going to be an architect but then he started doing weird mushrooms
from the mountains and a lot of strange herbs from the market. Somehow his brain went
went mad for the reggae experience, the sort Bob Marley did later except LudVB didn't have congas
or an electric guitar, so he did a lot of loud violent and insane barock piano instead
16 skool drugs brain damage

Track 17 - encrypted in Beethoven's mad piano musick are special messages which infiltrated the psyche
of modern man and cause him to do really nasty things to his kindred - and worse still as far as the
gnomes were concerned it will result in a lot of innocent gnomes being put in concrete - or lined up on the
Checkoslovakian border - from whence there is no reasonable escape from gnome hungry tourists and our
next piece of musick anticipates that
17 hitler youth on vacation recording 5 Megs

Track 18 - armed with only a twig and a limited previous history of bird lobotomy mike
attempts to alter the course of history from inside Beethoven's skull. Unfortunately its
very poorly lit and mike only succeeds in making Beethoven deaf and even more bonkers. The priest
Savonarola is called in to exercise the evil spirit and mike finds himself spiritually fired out through
LudVB's ear and through the Ospitale window. As a sign of the triumph of evil all the pieces of glass
rise and dance to one of Beethoven's least known tunes that was authentically extracted from the
brain of Beethoven by mike the gnome imp-lant before his untimely exorcising
18 dance of the shards of broken window recording 1.5 Megs

Track 18d - Savonarola and his friends expound the virtue of burning literature to keep warm
They dance around the pyre of art before finally throwing our hero on as a Burrnt offering
18d Savonarola's offering recording 4.3 Megs

Track 19 - The burnt embers [em burrs] of Mike float up into the air and the prevailing wind carries his ashes
back to his Bradford homeland
19 Mike's burnt ashes return to Hawii St, Bradford

Track 19b - Mike's ashes land and are ingested by a fluke worm. He is digested and
becomes part of the simple eyespot of the parasite
19 Mike's ashes ingested become part of a parasitic worm recording 6.4 Megs

Track 20 - A small boy is drinking out of a puddle. Little does he know that he's just drunk
parasitic fluke worm X containing the remains of Mike. From inside the boy's liver Mike
releases a special grime chemical a sentinel chemical which watches over the boy ensuring
he never to washes his hands or person again unless under duress. This causes him to also
infect his father whom expresses this as an obsessive desire to drink coffee.
He thus commands the boy on a journey
20 turkish coffeerecording 3.2 Megs

Track 20a - Similarly due to a lack of appropriate hygiene and fluke worm X
Mike's ends up in Ostrich Sandwich Bin-Liner's best friends coffee too and thus is privy
to their secrets
20a Mike's and the virus

Track 21 - Ostrich Sandwich comes to London posing as a busker with a guitar
full of genocidal deviant parasites with which he intends to infect the Roadtech
{ Roadtech really exists so this story must be true ! }
computer system and ergo most of the UK's road transport. Unfortunately Ostrich's guitar playing
is somewhat eratic and while busking he is shot by a passing musician
21 Busker gunned down

Track 22 - Ostrichs boots are appropriated by a passing cat not realising that these are the
Boots of Prophesy incidentally now also containing one of the offspring of fluke worm X
22 the cats new wellingtonsrecording 1.4 Megs

Track 23 - Realising that the cat now has The Boots of Prophesy the crows decide to convene
an extraordinary general meeting as if cats could best guess bird movements the crows
fear they may rapidly be extinguished - or worse still eaten
23 the crow meetingrecording 2.7 Megs

Track 24 - The meeting is overheard by a nearby Garden Gnome and they steal the dread wellingtons
and realising the importance for future generations assist in the making of this great
LP for your delectation
24 the gnomes steal the boots of prophesy

Track 25 -mike always prefers more or less the same out-troduction track regardless of taste,
in which the musickal wizard and his gnomepals detail the profundity of the rich culture
which is allied to the making of this grate werk - hope you liked it
this is naturally the intro played backwards - what genius !!!
25 the outro hope you liked us

also some more stuff from beyond Track 25 - dedicated to bunnies all over the world -
especialy those whose tails ive fondled - what genius !!!
bunnyhongs from me - hop[e] you like it recording 2 megs

latinzublo - direct from the jungles of Eire recording 3.3 megs

newgrove - a moth inside your head *** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ARTISTS CHOICE ***recording 2 megs

cholempar - how to shoot your neighbours clarinet playing son recording 2.7 megs

musick to make odd time withrecording 2.7 megs

sunset - warning contains weird chordal progressionrecording 2.1 megs

africa - Mali music or malicious musick ?? jingly jangly stuffrecording 2 megs

toad this is the amalgum for your film - its about 13 meg and 15 miuntes in length and will take quite a long time to down load toby film 2 waltzery grave plus latinzublo recording 13 megs

not quite so recommended for the untrained .....
trimodal - i dont recommend you attempt it without very robust underpants recording 2.5 megs

all copyright - mike burr