Music and electronica is intended to be a collection of music, musik and anti music by Mike Burr
A NOTE OF CAUTION ; anti music can be dangerous/injurious if practiced by the untrained .

Music electronica and a classic

Join me on a Musickal Journey

The Greate Bodie of Musicke is, or should be, divided into
at least 3 subsections though I'll have to trawl the n'dungeons to try and capture
the spirit of the Early Years, watch this space 4 more - - okay stop watching that space now
The year 2011 .. crows were in the air ...
Bees African Symphony yes its just like a real symphony

year 2010
Electronica 7
Thucydides now lost fable of the saga of Naglon retold . Mike Burr does EVEN MOREer anti musik
Electronica 6
Mike Burr encrypts Brant Lyons bank account and personal information into a suite of unlistenable musick Mike Burr does MORE anti musik
Electronica 5
Mike Burr's ultimate revenge challenge is for you to listen to this
Mike Burr does anti musik
Electronica 4
for the electron enthusiast:- although made at the very dawn of electronica
Mike Burr gets Electrik
Themes you have loved :- themes you have lusted over now given the kiss of certain life with completely modern readings that would have given the originators apoplexy or similar neurologic dysfunkshun Mike Burr Alone

Old Burr archive classics such as the Legendary "White horse" Mike Burr Early Years