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Advanced astrotopia is intended to be a collection of advanced poems for those who regard light years as meaningless trivia found printed on the side of a packet of light bulbs by Mike Burr - the themes being dictated by or about its published artisans .


buoyed by elegiac cheers
a dead man surveys a crowd
it is his pleasure that his name revered
echos round the wailing empty heads of fellows
old boys with elegiac cheers
revere a dead man they thought they knew
but never knew
like a sun in its distant journey
vacuous the regal emptiness of space
that separates the thing from its admirer
densely massed yet elastic the mob
raised his gossamer dust to be upon their many shoulders
some with tears as though the boy was theirs were lost in mourning
sobbing like the rain he brought upon the sands that filled the old oasis
when callous hands more used to killing turn to vapour and arms are shaking
then the morning coming will be sadder and life itself but vapour
and this they rendered as upon the heap they placed his rigoured remains
whiter, bluer, thinner, lighter yet somehow unsullied
such will be the divineness of evolution from the life state to transcendence
and upon such pyres are legends smoked into the skies
where above them deep in future space
future hearts are building astrotopia

Astrotopia appears courtesy of Mike Burr" , and is a performing contributor on Prison Walls - Portraits 2011 "