Details about poem .

Advanced astrotopia is intended to be a collection of advanced poems for those who regard light years as meaningless trivia found printed on the side of a packet of light bulbs by Mike Burr - the themes being dictated by or about its published artisans .

Attention to detail

"seeko fantastico homo"
I sayz
"some BadGod make your "Him's" a lezbo" she quote
lol that made me smirk, smile I do
at that point the depression quicks in
coz i get no blokes
I'll just wash her slap-down with cherry vodka
heads on sticks till 2 too many does it
and like a stab, it does yur brain, tebowing
'Oh dear lord may the force be with you'
If your guna roll, may as well roll it with the big boys
cough an call on the morrow
its to taxitown .. tara

Thems are throwing out banging tunes at the Harley, come down
so fugly like a sailors moon
make up like a biscuit all over your face
your out and playin, digest more sauce, gin and queens
and all thighs, red'n sloppy
ready to show love with no remorse
you look like you have
date me boots akimbo
move left, move right
attention to detail
you have no detail babes
"get to wear your gran to party town" they jibe
a phrase you would prob still be quoting
even if you was a veg laying under a chefs knife
then like human bomblast .. he makes his flash
his maiden move ...
"ello" e dit ... "bonjourno" she ditto
it look like love capri
him tall and dark and foreign and him a big fan depot for her eyes
it for certain aint her brain cos that is a fooktard cretin
they move like spiders under shoes

Theyre kicking out banging tunes at the Harley, knockout down out
its all kicked off
and meantime, grooviolo, food got wings
hell, wasn't she heaving her guts up
for sure the ladies lank
he deeks her brazils and likes the ample nuts
attention to detail
he slips an arm and gets his metal pony
he drive, she bores, she snores
carcolepsy, she snore some more
"i forsee no fault or form of future failure in this plan" he sums
cue evil laughter in brain
but suddenly !!!
in the continued challenge of women vs food, food wins
she honks and upholstery is drenched
he shoves her, swervin the steel stallion right along the kerb
"fuckintart you stench my motor, OUT BITCH !" ,
suddenly she on her ownsome
his dick concussed, he driveth in mucho rage, haste left stage
she stagger back
pad load
the key dont fit
left it, right it, that key is sliding like a badger down a mudbank
attention to detail
the geek from overhall here, hears the racket as she wack the door
"oy gameboy, do the lock frus willya ??" she slur
bit more sober cos half her stomachs now livin on the high street
"no probs" he opens up
hes made connection in the connectorial zorb
hes a leet, seed of the web , mucho eyeball wiz
but this, woa, this pad is Messputins battle ground
"wanna coffee " she say
and soon its candied scuba newt in digest sauce
just give me a sailors jerry she wails
pathetic plea .. there is no god
life goals complete .. she snores some more
he leaves with some wimping "i think love you ..thanx"
next morning, late chloroform sunrise
haze over the rusty hillox as the alarm bells ring

"Oooh Fuck"
as acid flashbacks return that geeky face
"raped by that ginger gremlin that lives in the space beyond my wardrobe"
he no shocky at the chocky she recall
bad karma, sore behindrum token left
attention to detail
and geeky boy
moonlight through the thyme .. naagh
no love no more, maybe shes found another token
some other god divest of sensitude

"maybe todays the day i get to wear my dressing gown to work" she think
as she plucks the numbers, taking a fag break infill
".. we wont expect you today then, or tomorrow or anytime in the future Miss .." work says
jobz come and jobz go
boyz come, boyz go
"attention to detail" she thinx, but then maybe ... naa