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Advanced astrotopia is intended to be a collection of advanced poems for those who regard light years as meaningless trivia found printed on the side of a packet of light bulbs by Mike Burr - the themes being dictated by or about its published artisans .


we took your ferrous feral eyes
and threw them like rusty stones into a painting
so they looked out from their new canvas home
and they beheld the painter, this painter
contriving his deceit
they saw you facing yourself
so you saw that you hated both yourself
and the image of those anger eyes, staring
contrivance in your eyes was reflected
reflecting that dislike
which the artist captured
as sure as if he'd turned the anger on
with a deft twirl of his brush
the iris were irate and darkly done
green umber countered with rust red
a dab of white, small and piercing
and they yelled and yellowed at their smooth outsides
with hints of marine, its blueness to define
the roundness of those bulging cornea
lids narrowed arches, piqued and slightly squint
and how they hated you inspecting
their hatred of you hating them
as you stabbed them
tears of blood and turpentine
dribbled down the canvas
you substitute the artist eyes
where your eyes should be
in their place the artist
whose blind deceit
tears at the socketry of art
and wonders at its stinging mystery and pain
for such is shock that in and instant so the world is stilled
and in that microscope of instant
observe its atomic shape
within the mind
where structure takes substance
yet has no substance
coherence forms its eyes from its many coloured pieces
unreal as any observation is