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Advanced astrotopia is intended to be a collection of advanced poems for those who regard light years as meaningless trivia found printed on the side of a packet of light bulbs by Mike Burr - the themes being dictated by or about its published artisans .


your hair glowering red and ragged
cackling like a bonfire of tree and heather
jangling upon the nights eastward tow
reminded me that my mothers hearing aid
had been struck twice by lightning in recent times
the embers of its electric current pulsated hot in her brain
and rearranged the particulate neuronic alignment
in such a way that she heard voices from the electric sockets
in the living room and in other housey parts
those voices sang to her their bathroom songs
of bedraggled Puccini and Nelson Eddy
and whispered that they might steal her wealth
though lightening and age had already accomplished
what they could not materialy do
and in its programmed emancipation from life itself
the DNA encoded its departure
with paranoia and blythe abandon in roughly equal parts
as dementure burnt its fires
a tribute to the passing night
stamp your gnarled feet and cry under the sheets
for now you are nearly ninety and yet a flaxen five again
reciprocation has almost come full circle
when deepest night is working on its bed
and stretched out along the wall
its shadow death
sketching out some hidden song