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Advanced astrotopia is intended to be a collection of advanced poems for those who regard light years as meaningless trivia found printed on the side of a packet of light bulbs by Mike Burr - the themes being dictated by or about its published artisans .

time reversed

fake tanned Toney Foney-Tonal cues the ideal donor
and on the screen big eyes all deep brown
swear to you that among the rocks and floes
a seal is unhappy
and the seal hunts each net
or finds each bullet
or pops out of its little icy hole
and says "please batter me and my pups to bloody red
because we want to give you our coats
they are stained - SUSTAINABLE
and we seals
[well not exactly us because we're cold and flayed and dying]
anyway ..
our friends can make some more"

and fake tanned Tony
parades his catwalk wives
in coats reversed or cleansed so that the blood is hidden
see how man changes hardly
see the fur-wrapped Gothic portrait of Van Eyck
whose hard eyes beneath that slim foe brow
then full of art and love of art
and wonders why modern folk are so squeamish
he knows that seals long to die
just as he wants to visit New York in a future jet
and sell his wares in future palaces of fashion
and live forever on his canvas in his nice warm coat

Van Eyck "man in a red turban" National Gallery UK Van Eyck "Man in a Red Turban"