The poem is a continuation of the story and true genesis of coca Cocaine and references Blow .

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.

Blow part 2

in the Inca textile there were pictures far away
far out at sea
some where the Siren sings
and temples of the constellations roll
and strange herbs grow with purpurea crests
that strut upon the florid clearings
touched by sunbeams and the weird magic of some elf
for its purple ladders reach into my heart
and with its thinning ways my heart may beat
i thank your god son for that endurance

and in the Inca textile there were pictures far away
where captives are like sons
like mine
picture too the foxglove daughter
and of her mein
such are glories told
and hearts are drowned
her fair white hair falls as invitations moonlight on his lawn
its glitter and its colour captivate the boy
for boys follow beauty easily
he loves her white chaste residue
and in her second son the visions ride at night
like rolling galleons
with their fathers to destructions hall
which far beneath the crashing prow
awaits on wintry halls
in sharp corals far below
roll on bright clouds
sail away
and take the sons of men and flowers with you


Idea for the poem after randomly reordering some text from "The Chambered Nautilus" poem by

Oliver Wendell Holmes