The poem refers to a call to war

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.


on a heretic day in the month of may
the changeling face of down and dew
ran merry away over the hills the schaps and wain
and the boards oon the shutters banged their
grey elm palms upon the blanch and stoic walls
it heralded a call to arms
a muster from the smithy's patterned blow
clanging proudly
war cues a trumpet upon whose brass and horn
the fears of many a mother lay strewn and mute
red upon the cold next morning grass
full of its blades and squandered crochet
for the so far minor song of its far heard fear
war never won the heart of a mother
nor brought an end to night
and men and trumpets march in clanging discourse with their destiny
enthuse its blustering day and bugling glitter
and flags like desire blowing which way with the chance
and to their boats they haul their armoured souls
a melody of shine and cloudburst sweeps across the grey blue sea
its tops albino bracken rolling down and strung
across its roving lifting valleys green and grey and blue
as shapeless fleeting clouds the press the suds below
under the surface of its skin
and grizzled fish or playful silver streaks do bubbles blow
at all the hot air abroad, planked on above
their wary cornets and false bravura
shaking with the beat of waves asunder
and the thunder of their souls awaiting
deaths distant pitch


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