The poem is about travelling around northern spain with Joan Nixon many years back .

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.


in the high europas
how we slept like coiled snakes
among the sage and spearmint
amid the bullets resting teeth
that bit deep the soil and the blood of red brigades
the snow capped teeth of peaks behind
beyond the sand lent bars that run to westward
fingers of sebastian
and sardine do turn upon
the bells of evening in the spanish couryard
and roasted black have come to decorate the matins bell
with heady smells and noise
and guitars and the drummed flamenco heels
upon the dusty wooden floors
afar the headland its deeper bell a sounding
the many bounding suns a setting
like a wave all dusky green upon the dolphin coast
a night between the alleys or the forest tops
your face more beautiful than all the moons i ever saw
of ever see
graced the deeper nature of cantabria
its wolves and wild things fleet among the hinterland
and oviedos strangely nobled rock in dark and static forces
its eerie foreign culture with its tricks of structure
corruption and the many burning deaths it ate to sate its hunger
tell me where you are now and where that thing
that upon the arid plains sierra burnt to ashes
dust flung upon the air is not a corpse and not a memory
it is a tribute and a dance to antiquity
whose drummed squared heels beat the rythm of the seas
and wandering over oceans green and measured carpets
tramp the dust in worlds a westering
dominica, mexico, and nevadas cactused paths
and i wonder on a breeze caprice if i may find you silent out
and sail upon the ethers thoughts and know just how you feel
so far away
so far away in time and place


Journey through northern spain with Joan Nixon some years back