The poem is about the desecration of Mahler by the confabulents of poetry.

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.

Mahlers last farewell

i am Mahler
in my long bleeding farewell
i will be said a sod to the earth
and i will be forked and set in damned grass
so gone the aster days you fool
spade turn as you read this - my epitaph
and yet if i am trod upon by sodden feet
then i shall endure it
wit of passing
for i am Mahler and my earthy song lives on
in the autumnal meditation of my blasted chorus
whose shagged notes, shank hitched and cut upon a string
form a thread of vision through the quiet solitude of life
tits may twitter in the new spring tree
the may-down balls upon a river float
its canted slope a seaward bound through moonshine
and the pitch black fires where sun deports
the fir que wait upon the waning mountain ridge
the sun may toss her head again
and though daughter Venus, she fell
hey she goes
cant careening through the stratospheres
what care Mars or i
or jealous ghosts in sunsets magic flame
though i may not be there
i will
i will he - for i cannot write my epilogue
i whispered to he "Mike disenchant my heritage"
for i am Mahler and i swear that i am dead


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The Mahler story

here on wiki the idea for this poem originated whilst listening to Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Len Bernsteen "no its Bernstine" 's recording of Mahler " das lied von Erde" the song of the earth in particular i raped the drunkard in spring [a rather uncomfortable notion] and 'the farewell' from said record/libretto - ps its a damn fine bit of music - sadly F D takes somewhat second place in the balance and mix of this particular disc and i prefer the girlie recording by ???[forgotten - thats wot happens when you start digging your own grave .... ]

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