The poem is about the bright ideals of youth its disillusionment and then re-found

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.


dusty pebble rise from reddish scented earth
and sing your sighs, neck curved back and throat a sickle
athwart the azure skies and crescent moon
for many bright intentions
decorate the star jewelled heavens
brocade upon its deep and haunted melody
many bright intentions briefly lit the slopes of darkness
their fireball and whose coma flashed
crosswise on the retina of mindful being
and denounced by mimicry are long forgot
in youthful cells that dormant
tread the tired roads of yesteryear
now when buoyant stars arising and their tepid lights
like intrepid songs, just whisper
faintly to the chorus of galactic harmonies
so may small shrubs in deserts spring
so may the shade pecked desert fly or run
in cold mornings cross the sun
how her song is sweet and full of happy nothings
yet is full and sweet and vibrant life it gives
its chemistry, the frills of chorus
rolling out over desiccated cracks and crevices
its device calling upon the reddish scented earth
deliver up its devils and its pebbles bright


Shortly after having written the poem Discover i decided to send it out to a few of my pals asking them to suggest an ending [its as it is now - finished !] to see how they would respond to it as i thought then it was fairly ambiguous. I got a couple of replies which rather surprised me and i decided to use the language and possibly sentiments of these to create the poem you see above

the "scented earth" and "specked desert" imagery relate to something i was reading about Gil Eannes the Portuguese adventurer regarding Cabo Bojador [Cape Bojador - Ra's Bujadur - the green sea at the end of the world] and i think this also had resonance in one of the other poems