The poem recalls a journey.

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.


when are the stars by daylight seen in flowers hiding
whence does the wild rose travel upon the chalk horizons
and bell so capanula blue against the pallid sky
ring their colour like hymns chiming through the silent trunk of man
then do the arum cups so redolent of sex form up in such delight
turgid as a womans movements upon the backdrop of Aaron's orgasmic lemon rod
thus do the reeds and the rye bent and humbled whisper her name
and the earth roll its slumbered summer measure full to view
its heat and its joys in the lassitude of abundant pleasure
when waves loll upon golden shallows and the glittered sands
their sibilant a dull backdrop to her lizard loveliness
homage to her lithe existence in brief her interlude and spectral placement
so idolatrist the loins of time itself were supple and ran backward
unheeding of the cliffs and bluffs that populate the rocky shores arrear
and as the air closed upon the heavy lids of day so far away
the silk moth took their flights of silver fantasy
they cup and clasp their hands and yet they rarely catch them
and yet
in the house of nine silk lines the larva from their organs gave
and out upon the page they spun Mohammed's sacred words
that ran awkward 'long the rails of ordered reading left to right
and in his intellect he spanned
a view of partisan upon the plains of sacramental sand
though few had guessed the abstract way the codex of the piece was ordered
nine the numbers were the plague of unskilled doctrines laid
the barest veins that outline, and some say were, the human form
God spoke and algebra defined the construct of the universal book
and Mohammed cast his mind back through the ancient tome
and read that
Miriam felt the trembling air, cold and scented with the heady tang of deja vu
her arms and wings of cloth fell back across the asperous stubs of lime
and face upheld, perceived the daylight truths of silent fortune stars ahead
those black pupil's eyes rolled inward as above the snows of northern plains she flew
her gentle silken hair she laid here and now a carpet on the rolling seas
upon persuasive tides the waters slowly fled and then she knew
that this was as it was before when man escaped the foes and fears of Ethiopia
and this was but a dream relived as in the eons past, a cyclic past
yes she, mariah her hallucination broken by her dual brothers fame
she unseen in the prescience of voyages which defined the shape of man
sees upon a far a frame struggling mid the sinews of elliptic waves
a part translucent figure jangling the haze, now seen, now gone
among its tumbling ecliptic past and yet revealed
and so a question broke as if she thrust an arm
like broaching arching seas upon her mind
its geometer beyond the simple maths of men propounds
and thus she knows innately of its all
and in her belly carries it for future generations
to piecewise on the bounds of logic brawl and discontinous functions end
and numbers in their isolation stand so nine and one may never carry
brothers on the many paths diverging roll out upon their voyages
unkempt its crude built ark a memory of a golden circlet passed
small jewelry within a wooden god
and felt what very few of us have known


Use of 9 resultant of Andrea's question regarding structures