The poem is about lovers .

Book 301 is intended to be a collection of poems by Mike Burr for 2010 with no thematic precept.


his hands run over her body like thick gravy dwelling
air sucked in a gasping
as sure as silver forks implode the skin at dinning time
her eyes slide off loose as silk
as did her clothes
and she is bound for nowhere somewhere else
that new mistress
her escapist animal writhing somewhere
midden among the very outreaches of humanity
her poseurs beret discard
and her strapless taffeta a crumpled
ruched fallen wanton
and her teasing pouting yearning ploys all lost
in surface pleasure eyes a glaze and wild
escapist beast undone
he could not bear to love without you
wild thing
upright on his knees
and as an artist knew the composition of these things
was beautiful as faith
as kisses circlets rush into their mouths
and palettes burning take their sweet slobbering all
the filling in the apple pie that soft centre heady musky
her darkness curls around its spoon
for she is gone somewhere one cannot touch
and in her strangely isolated lonely quest
she calls and he must stop and hold her
and hold her tears
tears that in an instant cupped
fall heaven down upon his palm
and in its glass
the sauvignon and salve of womanhood


After reading Tiffany Tondut "Young Female Spectator, circa 1890" reminded him of girlfriends past

tiffanys poem is here near the foot of the page