Bee design

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Grid structure

This picture is partly an exercise in colour. The blues and oranges being opposite in the colour chart (like green and red - yellow and violet for those who dont paint - combinations make a grey or black .. the impressionists used this idea which they culled from Humphrey Davy's new light theory in the early 1800's. Fortunately Davy was injured in one of these experiments and forced to take on an assistant this being Michael Farraday who was the powerhouse of modern (electronic) science). This picture is about Bee and her career in design. The background grid has been used to construct a head a bit like soapstone carvings or those Epstein or Moore which are derivative of African and primitive oriental art.
The implication in the background is of someone wearing a long elegant dress, possibly a gown, a bit like the former student of Bee's in Kumasi. Structure is as follows
distance of first line from left (and base) 2*ln(width)*tan(longitude of house in hemel) then next line previous calc *(1 + tan(longitude of accra) then next line (left only) previous calc /tan(longitude of glasgow school of art)





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