Bees Daughter

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Grid structure

this is another of the 1/7 pictures .. dividing 1 by 7 gives the repeating ratio 142857
a grid of lines is created by sub dividing the canvas into
1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 7 = total of 27 units
divide width or length by (1;5;7;15 or 20 )/27 to get grid lines
The grid lines were drawn only from the left
The eyes in both heads are placed above one another on the intersection of 1 and 8 verticaly
and 8 + 5 horizontally
the limbs then follow the lines hence their odd structure except the arm and comb which form a 7
The background consists (possibly) of room and window the view through which is as would be painted by a seven year old (except they dont often colour everything in !!!) I painted this picture for a 5 minute presentation as part of a PGCE teaching interview/assessment at the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield) where i had intended to try and get a Maths teaching qualification. I used the image to demonstrate that maths has applications in all sorts of unexpected places (so your maths at school isn't a waste of time ) I should add that i presented the "about division"
reference :
whereas all the other 6 applicants gave laborious, uninformed and often error riddled presentations on multiplication. It was also apparent in my opinion that the interviewers were bereft of any in depth maths too -
'complete tossers' springs to mind (was that you Lance Johns ??)
and that is probably endemic and country wide (U.K)
- that kids may explain why your maths is generaly shite and why your lessons are crap. Anyway
The idea of using a simple ratio to construct images has proved very alluring and has resulted in many of the images you see in the portraits2008 Bee doesn't have any children. It is typically stupid of nature not to give such a nice person a child so ive created one for her from my son, by thinning the eyebrows, making slender the nose then adding a bit of girlie glam. Unfortunately being a mum is very fatiguing so i've had to age Bee mum-style, bags under the eyes, troweled on makeup, practical but a little shabby hair and those xmas present earings wow wow !!! Yet, they are having some lovely girl-time which is one of those joyous mysteries that sort of passes us blokes lightly.





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