Evil Bee

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Circular or conic section structure

Occassionaly your friends annoy you. Even your best friends. You do lots for them but they won't help you .. thats the way it is sometimes. In a moment of pique i took an old photo of Bee and drew it elongated adding a slight twist and an arm movement as if she werre throwing something away.
I initially intended to paint a modernist (early 20th century ) picture and if you look carefully the image is painted in this way - it uses a very fine series of curved triangles .. the colours are discreet so in some ways it also mirrors tempera painting and therefore early icon images. Originaly i was going to paint a complement to my black cat picture on this canvas and had put in the eye .. i left it there. The whole canvas is based on the elipses you find on those 9 shaped plastic draughtsmans curves The structure radiates out in a large spiral based on the ratio 1:1.618.. (phi) as do some shells and flower heads.
I added the gold leaf to make it more like a modern icon. You'll probably never see Bee and this picture in the same room together !! I tried to explan that being in one of these images is like being in a play to no avail however this is one of my favourite paintings probably due to the quality of the painting itself (which proved more difficult to achieve on the other coarser canvases) and because it is quite a powerful image that tends to dominate a room without being too horific.





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