Last of England

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Graph or grid structure

this is another of the 1/7 pictures .. dividing 1 by 7 gives the repeating ratio 142857
the background is blocked by sub dividing the canvas into
1 + 4 + 2 + 8 + 5 + 7
the ( a total of 27 units so if the canvas is
then lines are drawn in a grid over its surface
by multiplying these factors by canvas width and length.
In this case ive started everything in the middle of these grid lines and as these grid lines are unevenly spaced so the resultant ropes have a perspective. The picture is about the potato(e) famine and i would expect many of the families who survived to end up abroad were glad to see the last of ...
In the image (not yet complete) Rob has been aged by glueing soft paper to the surface with oil and acrylic making it hugely textured. I've given him red hair aka Celts like the Irish and Scots. If anyone has an irish key fob (smallish about an inch and a half long i could stitch it onto the canvas .. )
also have to paint then blue back (blue varnish) the souls rising out of the water of which i'll paint 2 or 3 more.





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