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Circular or conic section structure

Occassionaly your friends annoy you. This time it was Sarah Simpkins turn. Replying to an email of mine criticising one of Tom Stoppard's wanky plays (in which she was the only person with a rave review) she stated
(acting was) "not a bit of fun like your painting"
i hadn't painted anything for 8 years at that time but wrote back pointing out that in that previous life in wasnt that much fun and added that i had an ability that very few people in this world ever have. Then i wondered if i still had as my eyesight has deteriorated. This picture is the first I did in this series. Its painted over a varnish layered background with a circular design that i had lying around and was an experiment with tempera an oil in layers (mische or mixed technique kindly showed me by Brigid Marlin - uncompromised by time but deaf to most outlooks i expect - bless her ) Its a bit difficult to see due to the thin varnishes but her hair extends upwards in the shape of a shell The image came from one of my mates old b/w photos. Having painted about half a dozen images i then stopped for 6 months - there's motivation for you !





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