Nina Farina eats the vegetarians of Zanussi

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Graph or grid structure

many of the pictures in this group are based on the ratio of 1/7 (142857 = 1+4+2+8+5+7) = 27) if you then add these up giving 27 and use the components as ratios you may then construct lines across the canvas in the form of a grid or graph
in a lot of these pictures ive made elements run across or between these lines and thus termed them graph rather than grid structured

the placement of the bit of fruit is directly centred on the line (1+4+2 = 7/27) in from the left
and the head (1+4+2+8+5 = 20/27)
the picture is a bit of a dig at vegetarians suggesting that fruit and veg have a consciousness embodied by the small person inside
i probably need to finish the hair and remove the yellowing around the forehead by the ringlet
(artists special note:) the advantage of painting is that you
can do as you want. Generally its not lucrative so unless nina is prepared to pay me not too i might add some warts and a cataract !!!





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