Toby Hair

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Graph or grid structure

based on concentric circles and a cubic (y = x**3 + n) the cubic is followed by the string i glued in the hair.
The line of the neck muscle divides the canvas in half. To the left is a circle 1/4 the size of the canvas and is the centre of all the rotating bits. I used a french curve for the wiggly bit in the hair which as ive said has string embedded in umber and varnish and is then covered in deep blue (blue + brown approximates to black)
the head (centre between the eyes) is placed tan(30) x half canvas size in from the edge of the circle (a bit over 3/4 way across the pic) This is also one of my favourite pictures We had a lovely time together when Toby was little and in some way it reminds me of that. My son and I went to a party where the lads put on false moustaches hence the proliferation of them hereabouts (in fact ive painted them out of toad and pauls pics) I got a load of ready made canvases and resolved to try and paint a picture every 2 - 3 days as my dad talked about professional writers having to do (Dickens we presumed). This turned out to be very liberating as i stopped being so anal about detail and got to do lots more experimenting.





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