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oil gold leaf and foil on canvas

the picture is a map of avebury, the eyes being the centre of the two inner

rings - the outer ring being the large gold disc - broken by the horizon line

and silver below - the Kennet Avenue is effectively mapped by the tree

and leads to the assumed meeting place - The Sanctuary - which in this instance

is mapped by the branches of the tree of which there are seven main branches

representing the seven tribes of the world and three origination branches [yellow leaves]

the base may require a curved perspective [read: tricky !] as the stones and their relationships

need to be placed in a realistic mode

you will note the head at the centre of the picture has, to the left of the eye, more red

than is appropriate to the balance and highlighted by strong adjacent greens and blues

this is representative of a portal by which ideas are formulated and entered into the schemes

of art [and architecture and technology] and in their resultant beauty, joy and mystery

i decided to visit avebury to get some detail for the painting

and wrote a poem in explanation of the image and the visit which may be found

in http://www.mikeburr.co.uk/poems/long%20words/long%20words%20poem%20data/Avebury.htm

or by following "mikes secret files" : "Mike poems ( are you serious !!!)" : "Dont rhyme too many big words" : "Avebury"





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