Roman admiring a Barbarian - or cheap Television / B Movie ?

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oil gold leaf on canvas

the picture features my son and myself and is probably the most brutal corruption

of all the portraits in this current group

firstly the struture is divided, though you'd need keen colour vision to see it, diagonaly

between the heads in the dark area and at an angle [ratio 9/40]

one may assume that the barbarian is a captive of the roman.

the colour of the roman is a mimic of roman/etruscan tesserae glass and metalware and by transforming

what should be darks as reds and highs as blues gives a sheen redolent of cheap 70's- 90's TV

[we need African sci fi nigerians and ghanains !!!]

the barbarian in this bit of cheap tv exudes a blue haze which is evaporating and on

and which has transfixed the gaze of the roman - which he assumes to be the barbarians

spirit - not realising that this is the image itself (lol)





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