The Joke

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oil gold leaf on canvas

the picture references " A Woman Nursing an Infant with a Child and a Dog "

by pieter de hooch and in which i play the part of infant, child, and dog ?

my father is telling me a "dad" joke

its difficult to tell at whose expense this joke is Andrea, but i'm sure that i'll

be repeating it to my son

the structure of the picture is a fibonacci the canvas squared by the left side of the opening

other areas are mapped in relation to squares formed within the remainder

i intend to put a parrot - out of its cage on the left had cupboard/cage [replicates the cage top right

in de hooch-es original ] and indicates a copy of gentics human and art and artifice

note that the background structures are partly visible through both my dad and myself

representing the transient nature of our being and that his "heart of gold" overides these constraints

so that despite his somewhat ugly exterior this interior truth abides





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