Hedges and futures past and how to stare over them

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oil on canvas

the year is 1535
this marks the begginnings of the modern english nation
and in its dark beginnings ... enlightenment
within 5 years the wealth of the egregious church
will be conveyed to the stout licencious king
and its covenant with catholicism will be drawn
like troops arraigned against a hilltop skyline
and those arrayed below to battle with same
a contest of religions and 150 years of consequent
unrest uncertainty upheaval, but there is more in politics

i john clerk am peering enviously over the hedge at Glastonbury abbey
envying its riches and its wealth of relics
a veritable mortuary of dead saints parts
the finger of saint columba .. a man never destined to play the sackbut again
soon its abbot, by my subterfuge
will be hung and drawn and quartered
atop the the jagged volcanic tooth of the tor
and the ancient sacrificial brutality
of the dawn of superstition be reviled upon its site
for such are mirrors both in time and culture drawn and turned
and where are we now mister clerk ?

with the state pretending to be the enlightenment of church and god
and with a parliament pretending to represent a nation
to whom they are only infrequently answerable to

this is where we are headed ...

upon the firm realisation of technology
the time has come for us to refresh our acquaintance
with the interests and efforts of politics
which from a majority has become remote
for it has previously been accomplished by those
to few and far removed from our own interest
to be the sure representation of a peoples passion and their truth
it may be asserted that we now have at our fingertips
the ability to both dictate the course
of our choosing
and to vote upon it in the most significant way
and though our first stumbling through this
a true democracy
and not the sham of those small representatives we now abuse in its name
in small hegemony or trivial parliaments that barely disguise
the vested interests of its sponsors often subversive to a peoples collective will
so will science and computing mediate in voting on each issue
in certainty we will make mistakes as a child makes errors in its learning
and we will assuredly be waylaid by others interests
in the way that cunning ploys or outrage
mislead even the least credulous
and though the devious might deceive you with pretences and outlandish statements
that the common man is a fool easily led
i do not believe that this is so beyond his tender learning
and even more do we owe ourselves this debt of folly to make
the world in our own collective image
and for its purpose to both engender the opinions we hold ourselves
and for them to be modified and compromised by the greater whole
not be bled through the skin of a few with covetous designs
that bear remote or compromised relationship to our collective desire
for we only need governance to show debate
and thence to act as a servant to our wishes



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