the grey sun shines

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oil on canvas

The Grey Sun Shines

the grey sun shines
should fields that be amber
be silver dull and baleful marbled
is a stream that has its darkened crevices
where water rats are to be plying ripples
their whiskers twiddly and tentative
the pale man of skies is hiding things from distance
and the truth of hue and bloom of pigmentation in a brighter land
the colours trumpet and its herald should be the fisher king
but this annulled regent will not talk
in anticipation of the guarded cup of life
its speaking before and as of mobile consequence
its many liquids have their stories and their songs
one example
four square the cap of black revenge sits upon its mantle
the fisher king is darkness all about its inner corpus self
veined and porous though the heart is scarlet and the veins are indigo
yet it is manufactured grey malevolent and intractable
much as the greyness of the painted distant helios
it radiates its bitterness
down upon an otherwise benign green scape
that wishes that its dull orbit were deep beneath the river
and that the one true amber Sol, the cauldron of the suns, might shine
and peal its trumpet colours upon a blighted land



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