Unfathomable mountain totem

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oil on canvas

Mysteries of the high mountain totem

I am once upon a mountain
a cave of night plying through the ether far outside
stars beyonder swimming through its cavelight
swirling fires that grace the nebula of heavens crescent
the treasures of the mountain hide
the things no sun, no night can see
this, my ground, is where I stood
and as birds do sing their morbid or cantankerous lullabies
for other birds
a language and a motif
lost to mountains, rolls upon their downward slopes
they by proxy open gates for you to pass
so the universe might accept its ephemeral gift and sigh
and be somehow larger
yet the mountain shrinks, as weathered, its soul
rolls slowly down its etched and seaward slopes
pride, the eye of human plagues is watchful
that its majesty is not undermined
yet in time, all time will drift upon the oceans floor
and with it ancient particles
and memories of mountains and their secret totems
will be the fire that other mountains see
from distant nebula



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