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And now ..poetry ... light years ahead of other poetry from light years away ..
Advanced astrotopia

Voices - more rubbish from the wheeze-’ard of wurds.


a collection of poetic fable ...
straight from our own smallest room we bring you ....
Poems To Karen Bookguilder

Book 301, okay so having failed to complete Book 201
I decided to start Book 301
[those who know me will approve of that !!!]
Poems From Book 301

what sort of drugs does this man take ?? answer deranged - he doesnt need them
Poems From Book 201

Intended as a cheap Xmas present for my mum
it consists of just over 70 grate works.
Poems From Book 101

Dont rhyme too many big words
Dont rhyme too many big words

Lurve Poems - want to be in one ??
Barry White thought he would and then he grew plump
Lurve Poems

Allegedly Funny - so who told mike he had a sense of humour ???
Allegedly Funny


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