Poems written slanderously or other wise by Mike Burr in the form of Books each intended to take approximately a year in its construction and contain about 100 poems.

Books of poetry by Mike Burr

The individual books of poems may be accessed by
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Index of Books of poems:[reverse chronological order]

And now ..poetry ... light years ahead of other poetry from light years away ..
Advanced astrotopia

Voices - more rubbish from the wheezard of wurds.
Probably unfinished as i had to hide in the garage with
a welder, file and re-gasket the aged central heating boiler
much of the second half of the year .. suffer the cold in ...

Earlier in the year I was hijacked by the lovelies at The book Guild
A while back they asked for 60 poems insisting it be printed on paper.
Fearing that they had in fact run out of Andrex I sent the grate work
printed on sandpaper ..
in any event they wrote back telling me id wasted my time
doing what theyd asked for !!! .. a collection of poetic fable ...
straight from our own smallest room we bring you ....
Poems To Karen Bookguilder

Book 301, okay so having failed to complete Book 201
I decided to start Book 301
[those who know me will approve of that !!!]
Poems From Book 301

Book 201, loosely themed but far from complete -
close on 100 more grate works for your
delectation and contemplation
[ie what sort of drugs does this man take ??]
Poems From Book 201

Book 101, both an indivisible number and a reference
to the TV program of an approximately
similar name is now finished.
Intended as a cheap Xmas present for my mum
it consists of just over 70 grate works.
Poems From Book 101

Dont rhyme too many big words
Added a couple of extras this year which partially rhyme -
after all when exactly did I tell
any of you that I didn't lie ???
Dont rhyme too many big words

Lurve Poems - want to be in one ??
Barry White thought he would and then he grew plump
Lurve Poems

Allegedly Funny - so who told mike he had a sense of humour ???
Allegedly Funny


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