I sent 4 poems off to the Book Guild somewhat tongue in cheek as i described them at the time to "look like a bunch of airheads" and very inappropriate recipients of say the poem Judge [book 101] which was one of four i sent .. in truth they were probably more focused than i imagined. I was rather taken aback to receive an email asking for 60 poems on paper and after a letter questioning why they couldn't get modern and use the web i wrote said 60 or more poems only to have them rejected. If you have sent m/s off to a publisher maybe you have something similar... "many thanks for your ... unfortunately .... we wish you blah blah .."
You Do Not Need to be Published .. the copyright is always yours ..
you are reading this and if the subsequent stuff has any merit it will get whatever recognition is deserving you may gather from this that i don't believe that financial reward promotes any better or lesser merit in the resulting work .. large scale projects such as religious propaganda obviously counter this, however, most artists I would suggest, have lived and died in relative poverty. From my own perspective i stopped producing art with the notion of financial reward about 3 years ago and you will see from this m/s that the results are somewhat inconsistent .. this is because of the perceived limitations required of publishing and time constraints. This was most evident when i was painting .. where the pictures had to tell some kind of twee story to sell [ we were self publishing the prints then and so the results were easy to see and the compromises easy to make !!] You might argue that in prostituting oneself in this way you only have yourself to look to .. and that is why i have stated and reiterate You Do Not Need to be Published .. the copyright is always yours .. same with the paintings ... Best of luck with your own endeavours.

Karen bookguilder is part of a larger collection of poems by Mike Burr written at the behest of the Book Guild but subsequently rejected by them .

Karen bookguilder

The individual poems may be accessed by clicking on them. They are in the order or do i mean odour in which they were written [finished?] You will also notice a slight change of format from older books that gives a description of intent and any references to the source of the ideas contained within each poem.

This is an introduction and disclaimer ... A folio ..
A song .. Ale .. Atoms .. Awakened .. Baby .. Beast .. Birth .. Bougerie .. Brief .. Bryony Hill .. Chick .. Clever .. Cloud .. Clove and cure .. Coast .. Deluge .. Devil .. Door .. Dream .. Dreams .. Dusk .. Eye .. Faith .. Farmer .. Fen .. Fly .. Games .. Hen .. Ice .. Iris .. Locket .. Midnight .. Mills and bougerie .. Ministry of defence .. Not hollow .. Not kill .. Otto .. Painting .. Peculiar .. Pilgrim .. Politician .. Rapid .. Relic .. Salat .. Scarecrows .. Sea .. Seeds .. Separation .. Sick .. Silhouette .. Slapper .. Somewhere .. Stillness .. Summer .. That dog .. The last adventure of the edible pigeon .. Torrid .. Torso .. Transistors .. Travels .. Variations on a theme .. Void .. Voided .. Vowed ..